Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jihad in Pioneer Square

The enemy is among us. Surely this guy, thinking about violent jihad since he was fifteen, has associates, people he knows, contacts, who are similarly inclined. They just haven't done anything about it -- yet.

Friday, November 26, 2010

More homeland security on the way . . .

No, that's not my arrest record. It's my resume; why do you ask? It shows job experience pertinent to this job. I'm from the government, and of course you can trust me.

If I can't be paranoid now, when can I be paranoid?

Looks like feeling you up and taking nude pictures of everybody is just the beginning. We are starting to shut down web sites, now., under Homeland Security. Hey guys, there's a modicum of justification in either instance, and maybe a shred of law, too, but there is a whole lot more of WTF! in airport searches and taking down web sites. This could be the thin edge of the wedge.

Nah, that's just paranoia talking. Right?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Department of Justice takes a dive.

The DOJ needs to prosecute the law. But people in the DOJ don't necessary like all the laws that they are charged with enforcing. So, we get this:

West said Monday that DOJ was discharging its responsibility to the tradition of the Justice Department while making adjustments to the arguments in line with the administration's views.

"I think that the best example -- let me give you one -- in the Defense of Marriage Act -- you'll notice that we have not only discharged our responsibility to defend the constitutionality of a congressional statute, but we've done so in a way which reflects the policy values of this administration," West said.

"We disavowed some arguments that we believed had no basis in fact, and in fact we presented the court through our briefs with information which seemed to undermine some of the previous rationales that have been used defense of that statute," West added.

"We believe that's being an honest broker with the court, and that's the way we'll continue to discharge our responsibility," West said.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's talking about taking a dive. You know. Act like you are just boxing your heart out but making sure that all your best punches fall a little short, or land on the shoulder instead of the chin. And when the other guy finally gets one good punch in, well, lay down and take a little nap.

Wonder if there might be some sort of ethical rule about this sort of thing, like, oh, I don't know, maybe zealous representation.

On the other hand, this might be brilliant. I can just see the next administration saying to itself, "The corporate income tax sucks. Let's prosecute those corporate tax cheats, but not win, because we'll never get Congress to repeal the tax." Or better yet - selectively rolling over and playing dead. Tax the bejeezus out of Google, but lose the case against Halliburton.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Next time, invite the terrorist to mediation . . .

How can this be? A terrorist who admits to killing a couple hundred people is found not guilty on all those homicide charges, and is convicted only on a single conspiracy charge?

As I understand it, the judge ruled that some available witness testimony was inadmissible because the identity of the witness came from an interview of the accused terrrorist, and the judge thought that interview was coercive. So available evidence was suppressed. Kind of like fruit of the poison tree. So the jury had to deal only with what remaining evidence was presented -- which was evidently insufficient to convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

Yeah, civilian trials affording civil rights to fanatic terrorists will work just fine. (Sarcasm). And the AGs office screwed up a case pretty badly all the while thinking they'd hand the left fringe a victorious show trial.

We are at war. The object of our enemy is to replace our civilisation and history with sharia. They've been at it for over a thousand years, and they'll keep at it for a thousand more if necessary and if we let them. -- until they win. And we are somehow under the protection of an executive branch run by people who seem to want to fight a war for the survival of our way of life with strategies that got them a good grade in moot court and maybe almost got them laid by humourless, intense political chicks.

The hell of it is, these guys think they are being serious.

News of 'toos . . .

I now have my first tatoo. You can't see it and neither can I. A doctor put it there so he could remember and examine that location later.

So then there's this guy who has 98% of his skin, plus his tongue and the whites of his eyes !!!! tatooed. And not tatooed in pretty forest scenes or animals either. His face is a checkerboard, and the whites of his eyes are blue, and his tongue looks like something like maybe a rotten sea slug that has been washed up on the beach. Everything is inked, and inked, and inked. He did his eyes himself. He's been called the most tatooed guy in Portland.

I'm pretty sure no doctor was involved in his tatoos.

I'm pretty sure that this guy doesn't entertain any dreams of employment of any serious kind. Except maybe being used as a shock display in a human oddity show. Which he can continue to do after he dies, if his hide is properly preserved.

Wonder how much money it costs get 98% of your body tatooed.

Wonder if a need to tatoo everything to the point that you become unemployable -- through some extreme self-mutilation neurosis -- makes a person eligible for some kind of socialized disability payments for the remaining 50 years of life.

Yeah, because that's the kind of thing I can really get into as a taxpayer still contributing to the social security system.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Does she keep the plane? . . .

I hear that Nancy Pelosi is going to stay on as leader of the Democrats in the House, although she will now be minority leader instead of majority leader, and she will no longer be next in line after the Vice President to take over if anything happens to the President.

This is a reward from the Democrats for her many contributions to the country and her party.

Hope and change? She got the change part -- the House Republicans changed from minority to majority. And she will continue to focus Republican energy on governing as a majority party.

Maybe she can give the Senate and the White House to Republicans, as well, if we let her keep the big Air Force plane to fly back and forth between California and D.C.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

People who should neither vote nor procreate . . .

I don't know if she's my girlfriend or not. I just have her name tatooed on my neck. She just happened to try to cut her name off my neck. She's crazy that way, but I'm okay with that, 'cause I have her name tatooed on my neck. And stuff.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mid-term elections, gah! . . .

I'm so-o-o-o glad the election is over. I'm so tired of hearing the haters on the left accusing the right of being negative. I'm really sick of the moral posturing on the right. All the politicians are all spending other people's money, campaign contributions, in an effort to get or keep a job -- where they will collect other people's money, taxes, and spend other people's money. Mooches, every one.

But there are some great questions that were raised in this election. What is the function of government? Is it even possible, using the tools of government, to create jobs, or tolerance, or virtue, or security?

I'm afraid that this election simply highlighted these questions, bringing them into intensely sharp relief. The questions raised in this election weren't answered by this election, even though the ideals espoused by the radical left Democratic National Committee took a "shellacking," according to President Obama. The questions abide. We see that too many of us still don't have jobs, or won't have jobs, and too many have jobs that should not be done. Mooches. Too many are intolerant, while preaching tolerance for their own conditions. Virtue is a joke, something to be mocked in computer video clips, and we are targets of politico-religious fanatics.

We'll not be able to go forward as a nation without finding resolutions to the great questions raised by this election.

The 2012 election season starts beginning now.