Friday, February 17, 2006

A million dollar bounty . . .

The bounty pledged by the Muslim cleric to kill the cartoonists is a million dollars. Where's a Muslim cleric in Pakistan going to get a million dollars?

Either he's going to steal it, or the killer is going to get a hand drawn note for One Million Fatwa Bux (FB1,000,000.00) with a picture of a camel's ass on the back and a picture of the prophet on the front, the irony of which will escape CNN


Here's a surprise. . . .

So now, some radical Muslim so-called religious leader is putting a bounty up to reward anybody who kills a cartoonist who dared to put up an image of the prophet.

I have to say it. [sarcasm alert]

I try to see the good in all, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to continue to respect these psychopathic dribbles of dog snot.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A burning mailbox . . .

Evidently, I'm not the only one who thinks that the current whoop-de-do over cartoons depicting Mohammed might be more than meets the eye.

It would be easy to dismiss the whole thing as just more of the same old same old from the seething Muslims.

But images of Mohammed aren't new, and it isn't even a sure thing that Islam forbids such images. Take a look; there's bunches of them that never before required the burning of any embassies.

Why now?

I figure it's a diversion. They only want a little more time for whatever real mischief they are planning, but they need a distraction so they can catch us while we are not looking. Based on the history of the last twenty years, burning embassies and cars won't provoke anything like a decisive response on our part. But it will occupy our leaders while they ponder what -- if anything -- we should do. And it will increase the fright among those among us who will always suggest that timidity is a rational diplomatic posture, and who will always argue for a measured response to any provocation. Debate in the U.N. sounds about right.

Yeah, I figure the heat over the cartoonish insult is a diversion. If we go for the burning mailbox on the curb, they plan to storm into the kitchen through the back door.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Breaking News! Cartoons plunge civilization into the dark ages!

The Muslim "street" is ready to burn and pillage over a few cartoons in a little country that is neither inclined nor capable of doing Islam any real harm whatsoever. In Syria, they are burning embassies because of the "insult" to Islam. And mostly it's their leaders who are deliberately and irresponsibly rousing the "street" to arson, automobiles earlier in France, and now, western embassies.

We aren't talking a competition of civilizations, here, Western civilization against theirs. This is barbarians who want to disassemble all civilization, because they think they can, because they enjoy the feel of their own potency. C'mon. There was a great Islamic civilization once. Now, Wahabbi-flavored Islam is going everywhere but Islamic civilization is in shorter supply.

Islamic civilization was not diminished because we won the Crusades, because we didn't. The Islamic civilization has shriveled because of the influential figures within Islam who despise the civilized processes of building and maintaining social and urban structures, and who are in love with arson, decapitation, blood and death. The sword and the flame. (Photos.) They reject civilization itself, ours, and theirs.

It looks to me as we have civilization besieged by the barbarians.

It happened to Rome, leading to centuries of the dark ages. It could happen again

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm not sorry . . .

Now the police say they are sorry that they ejected Cindy Sheehan for the left, and the wife of a congressman on the right, for wearing tee shirts with messages on them. They say they went too far and they apologize.

I'm not sorry. I like the rule.

If it is decided that the audience in the balcony can wear tee shirts with messages, the state of the union speech will quickly become a lineup of self-important morons, left, right --and really out there -- together with their media co-dependents and facilitators, all stridently banding together to post their messages over the presidential message.

I don't actually know why the president couldn't just stop by and drop his written state of the union message on the congressional desk and leave, for all the good that it does. It's not as if presidents need to stay up nights trying to think up ways they can provide an opportunity for the likes of Cindy Sheehan to make a spectacle of herself.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First Amendment freedom to tee-shirt . . .

Looks like it wasn't just Cindy Sheehan who was removed from the capitol building for wearing a tee shirt with a political message. AP is reporting that the wife of a Republican representative was removed from the audience because she was wearing a "support the troops" tee shirt.

She was heard to shout, "Somebody stop me before I tee-shirt again!"