Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day good bye to Google. . .

Has anybody noticed that I've been mad at Google all day? Well, I still am.

Memorial Day Bye Bye to Google.

Have we all noticed how Google likes to add little artistic changes to the Google logo to commemorate various days of note on the calendar? Just a cute little acknowledgement, a snowman, or something. They even commemorated something as pedestrian as Sherlock Holmes. So, what did Google do for Memorial Day?

Not a damn thing.

Hey, it wouldn't take much and the those sorry sacks at Google wouldn't even have to be sincere. They could just make some little gesture to acknowledge that today is the day set aside on the calendar to remember that many Americans have died in service to their country. Betcha they remembered to stay home from work today.

So, as of today I'm going to disengage from Google. There are other search engines. I can start using my other e-mail addresses other than Gmail. I can take my blog elsewhere.

This isn't about politics. This is about arrogance, and a flat, self-important inability to consider all those Americans who knew, or were related to, or were friends with, or loved somebody who died in their country's uniform -- those Americans who may take comfort in the thought that perhaps for a few moments this day, other Americans will remember and honor their dead.

So --Screwgle.

And I only wish I advertised, or paid for services or owned stock with Google, so I could register my disapproval a mite more effectively.

Bye-bye, Google Memorial Day

Google may be one of the best search engines there is, but it isn't the only one and it isn't the only one I use.

As of now, I'm no longer using Google to search the web. As of now, I'm looking for another way to blog. As of now, I'm going to start favoring my non-Gmail e-mail addresses.

Here's why.

Google regularly puts up all sorts of little decorative devices on the opening page -- all sorts of little artistic variations on the Google logo to mark special days on the calendar. They can remember to do it for something as relatively trivial as Sherlock Holmes. So what do we have for Memorial Day?

Not a damn thing.

Hey, it's not as if the happy band of Googlers even had to be sincere in acknowledging that many Americans have died in uniform and today is marked down as a day to remember the sacrifices of friends and relatives who died in service of their country. This isn't about politics; it's about rude, self-centered arrogance. But I'll bet the whole sorry pack of Googlers took the day off as a holiday while nevertheless ignoring those for whom Memorial Day is meaningful.

I feel bad that I don't pay Google for their services, or run advertisements on Google or own stock in Google. If I did, I could communicate to Google in a more meaningful way.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Can this be right?

Google it. The population of Mexico is a little over a hundred million. Is that right? And we have a reported twelve million illegals in the country, most of whom, I'm told, are Mexican. So, roughly ten percent of Mexico is in the United States?

Telephone tax refund ...

The IRS is going to pay back some taxes collected. A long time ago, like about 1898, the government imposed a 3% tax on long distance telephone calls. This was a temporary tax, of course. And it was okay because only rich people had telephones, and taxing the rich and not the poor is thought to be a virtue. Of course with the passage of time, we see the error of imposing a temporary tax, or permitting a tax because it is only imposed on those who can afford it. You and I have been paying the 3% tax on our long distance phone calls.

Anyway, since the government has lost lawsuits about collecting this tax, and lost more than once, it has decided it won't collect the tax anymore. And it is going to give some money back. There will be an opportunity on the 2006 tax forms to claim 3 years worth of federal taxes on your long distance calls. Oh, the other 105 years of taxes? Gone.

Boy, we sure showed IRS they can't mess around with the American public.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hope this works . . .

So, why are we giving aid to Egypt and the Palestinians, when we should be giving a whole lot more support to this radical Muslim?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This idea will get me into trouble . . .

It sucks that Americans can't get jobs or own businesses in Mexico. It sucks that Canadian and Mexican doctors can't come over here and work without going through a lengthy wait, but people less qualified can just sneak across the border and get jobs. It also sucks that we've permitted millions of border jumpers to come over and stay here and we've taken advantage of their labor, but now we want to talk about sending them back, after they've become kind of a part of things here. And it sucks for all of the legal immigrants who followed all the rules and put up with considerable delay and annoyance to live here under the law, if they now see others obtaining the same benefit without being obliged to "play by the rules."

So, here's the idea that is sure to get me in trouble. Let's let the "illegals" earn amnesty and citizenship. If they work on erecting a wall across the Mexican border, we'll pay them minimum wage to do it and let them stay on this side of the wall as citizens when the wall if done.

. . . . . Sorry. I can't help it. Absurd notions just kind of come over me and make me laugh.