Thursday, October 17, 2013

A literary note, the Alexandria Quartet . . .

The other day, while poking around in a terrific used book store in Ashland, Oregon, I encountered Durrell's Alexandria Quartet, all four books in one big volume. So I bought it.

I read these books fifty years ago, now, while in college. A horse's ass of a college professor had spoken rapturously and at length about the books, and being a horse's ass myself and an English major as well, I was obliged to read them in order to prove that the professor was, as mentioned, a horse's ass. Of course I raced through the books, in a hurry to find out what happens next in the narrative, consistent with my intention to be dismissive as all hell. Also, I was somewhat distracted in all my endeavors at the time, what with being always on the lookout for the next chance to get laid.

Having read the first few pages with an intervening fifty year's worth of experience in the world, and no longer being bothered by women as I have now become completely invisible to them --- I think I'm really going to enjoy these books

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