Sunday, October 13, 2013

So we vote for these people because. . . why? . . .

Ya'know, all this continuing resolution panic and yelping is an alternative to adopting a federal budget, kinda like the Constitution requires. Harry Reid's Senate hasn't voted for a budget since 2008.

Help me; altogether now, everybody say WTF!

Actually, at this point, WTF should be the stock response of all non-government citizens of whatever political inclination or affliction, left, right, committed, non-committed, ignorant or deranged, upon learning of each and every bit of news about the current political developments.

What would happen if bunchteen thousand citizens surrounded the White House and Congress, chanting, "WTF, WTF."

Nothing would change because our government masters no longer care. But it might make us feel better for a little bit.

Maybe we could all get matching tee shirts.

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