Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Sucker Lists and the suckers who are on them . . .

Just got a phone call from a local charity we've given to in the past. No big surprise. They are running short of funds for their current programs and they need more money to keep on keeping on.

But in addition, they've just started an exciting new program to serve an additional population segment, and they need money for that, as well.

Why would you start a new program you couldn't pay for, when you already are doubtful of taking care of the existing needs?

Oh, well. I shouldn't be so critical.

At least the phone caller wasn't trying to convince me that they are from Microsoft and my computer has a scary problem they can fix with the simple disclosure of credit card information. Had two of those calls today, alone, despite the fact that Microsoft publishes that it never telephones people to alert them to problems they didn't know they had. And Microsoft certainly never initiates phone calls from Mumbai.

Oh, no. When Microsoft needs more money, it issues a wonderful, new version of Windows and stops supporting old versions.

I must be on a list of some kind.

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