Friday, May 23, 2014

Boil your water, Portland . . .

Portland Water Board issued a warning to everybody using Portland water, to boil it, not ingest it, this morning. I also got a robocall from the City advising the same. On the 20th of this month they found E. coli in the water, and every day including today.

So. Did I drink water on the 20th? Yes I did. Did I do it again on the 21st? Yup. How about the 22nd? You betcha! And this morning? Why, yes again.

I sure am glad I was warned not to drink Portland water, cook with it, brush my teeth in it, or use any ice cubes made any time since the 20th.

And aren't you glad you voted no on the issue proposal to get water out of city hall politics, because unnamed "corporate polluters". -- unnamed so as to avoid defamation lawsuits -- were supporting the proposed change of administrative responsibility? Oh, and who were the cronies who paid for all the vote no campaign material?

Did I say crony? I meant to say "interested citizen with special access to local ambitious politicians." Yeah, that's what I meant.

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