Thursday, September 05, 2013

How about just assigning fifty push-ups and a penalty patrol . . .

I'm still thinking about this Syrian adventure before us. Well,it wouldn't be an issue except President Obama kinda made it an issue some time ago when he blustered that if poison gas was used, that behavior would cross a red line requiring the U.S. to toss some bombs. So now his story is that he kinda sorta didn't say what it sounded like he was saying. Then he said he didn't need any stinking congressional permission to send "his" military into action, and now he wants congressional approval.

I don't think there's any good guys in the Syrian conflict. That isn't to say that Assad deserves to die. He does. But I don't trust our current political masters to get the job done in a clean, uncomplicated fashion. There is just way too much crocodile tears being conspicuously shed by professional moralizers.

Oh, he gases his own peepul! He must be shown how unacceptably uncivilized that is. He must be punished. Such evil cannot be permitted by us to persist in the world.

Oh, yeah? If we are now in the business of punishing evil heads of state for abuse of their citizens. . . When do we start bombing North Korea?

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