Monday, September 02, 2013

A different kind of reluctant warrior . . . .

Our president sent our Secretary of State to make the case for punishing somebody in Syria, explosively. A bunch of federal employees were told to stay close to the office over the holiday weekend, because maybe stuff was going to happen where they would be needed. And then, and then . . . Nothing.

President Obama has asked Congress to decide whether or not to act in Syria, despite the fact that he has basically already declared war on Syria. At least that's what the Syrians think. No doubt President Obama is snickering to himself over the clever way he stuck the turd in somebody else's pocket, so when things get bad he'll have somebody else (besides Bush) to take the blame.

So now it is up to Congress to make an executive decision. (And yes, I see what I just did, there.). Two things: Kerry is probably steamed pretty good, after having been a self-righteous, smug dove since 'Nam. And I sure would like to see a landslide Congressional vote of "present."

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