Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This idea will get me into trouble . . .

It sucks that Americans can't get jobs or own businesses in Mexico. It sucks that Canadian and Mexican doctors can't come over here and work without going through a lengthy wait, but people less qualified can just sneak across the border and get jobs. It also sucks that we've permitted millions of border jumpers to come over and stay here and we've taken advantage of their labor, but now we want to talk about sending them back, after they've become kind of a part of things here. And it sucks for all of the legal immigrants who followed all the rules and put up with considerable delay and annoyance to live here under the law, if they now see others obtaining the same benefit without being obliged to "play by the rules."

So, here's the idea that is sure to get me in trouble. Let's let the "illegals" earn amnesty and citizenship. If they work on erecting a wall across the Mexican border, we'll pay them minimum wage to do it and let them stay on this side of the wall as citizens when the wall if done.

. . . . . Sorry. I can't help it. Absurd notions just kind of come over me and make me laugh.


pilot said...

Why wouldn't they just APPLY and go through the p-r-o-c-e-s-s?!

But first, applicants should sing a form about non-protesting the U.S. government. Just as every claimant for permanent residence does in Mexico.

PDXlibrarian said...

Ha! I'm laughing out loud in spite of myself!