Saturday, April 29, 2006

Big oil sucks . . . .

Big oil is sure just sucking in the cash here of late. Why, they've gone from an average of six cents a gallon of gas in profits, all the way up to nine cents a gallon in profits, in a matter of months. Greedy bastids, aren't they?

By the way, the U.S gummint gets 13% royalty on all gas pumped from our off shore wells. In addition, the federal government takes fourteen point four cents a gallon in taxes at the gasoline pump, which makes the oil company's nine cents a gallon look a little puny. And in addition to that, the state of Oregon, which was the first state in the Union to ever tax gasoline in the first place (We're number one! We're number one!!) takes forty-two point four cents a gallon in taxes at the pump. So here in Oregon, every gallon of gas you buy gives at least fifty-six cents a gallon in taxes to the politicians, and nine cents a gallon profits to the greedy capitalists.

So, what is the solution that occurs to the politicians? Why, capping the profits that greedy oil companies can make. That would mean that once this wonderful new law was in place, a gallon of gas would cost as much as nine cents a gallon less, depending on just how much profit the politicians wanted to deny to the oil companies. Hooray! Our troubles are over.

Oh, can you guess which two states take sixty cents a gallon or more in taxes? New York and California -- I sure didn't see that coming.

And can you guess which politician, state or federal, figures maybe the taxes on gasoline could be reduced a little to cut us a break? Me neither.

And hey. Remember how we were going to Iraq to steal their oil? How it was all about the oil? Well, I think I'm going to have to agree with all the moonbats who say Bush has made a mess of things. He really did. He been screwing around pursuing foolish notions like trying to get democracy started and eliminating "insurgents" and he never did get around to stealing us any of the damn oil!

So, big prices at the pump? I think we should blame politicians, state and federal. Foreign and domestic.

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