Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm not sorry . . .

Now the police say they are sorry that they ejected Cindy Sheehan for the left, and the wife of a congressman on the right, for wearing tee shirts with messages on them. They say they went too far and they apologize.

I'm not sorry. I like the rule.

If it is decided that the audience in the balcony can wear tee shirts with messages, the state of the union speech will quickly become a lineup of self-important morons, left, right --and really out there -- together with their media co-dependents and facilitators, all stridently banding together to post their messages over the presidential message.

I don't actually know why the president couldn't just stop by and drop his written state of the union message on the congressional desk and leave, for all the good that it does. It's not as if presidents need to stay up nights trying to think up ways they can provide an opportunity for the likes of Cindy Sheehan to make a spectacle of herself.

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Anonymous said...

First it was hats in restaurants, then shorts and flip-flops at church. Have Americans lost all sense of decorum? People listen better when the message is sent in a civil manner. Perhaps Ms Sheehan could embroider an Hermes scarf with her pertinent numbers? T'would at least give her a smidgeon of class which is surely lacking at this point.