Saturday, February 04, 2006

Breaking News! Cartoons plunge civilization into the dark ages!

The Muslim "street" is ready to burn and pillage over a few cartoons in a little country that is neither inclined nor capable of doing Islam any real harm whatsoever. In Syria, they are burning embassies because of the "insult" to Islam. And mostly it's their leaders who are deliberately and irresponsibly rousing the "street" to arson, automobiles earlier in France, and now, western embassies.

We aren't talking a competition of civilizations, here, Western civilization against theirs. This is barbarians who want to disassemble all civilization, because they think they can, because they enjoy the feel of their own potency. C'mon. There was a great Islamic civilization once. Now, Wahabbi-flavored Islam is going everywhere but Islamic civilization is in shorter supply.

Islamic civilization was not diminished because we won the Crusades, because we didn't. The Islamic civilization has shriveled because of the influential figures within Islam who despise the civilized processes of building and maintaining social and urban structures, and who are in love with arson, decapitation, blood and death. The sword and the flame. (Photos.) They reject civilization itself, ours, and theirs.

It looks to me as we have civilization besieged by the barbarians.

It happened to Rome, leading to centuries of the dark ages. It could happen again

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