Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The cost of bad government.

Half a trillion !!! in aid to 22 African nations and it didn't do a damn thing to get them out of the poverty trap. Maybe the metaphor is bad. Poverty isn't a wall to be clambered over with a little boost from your friends. Consider instead that there is a link between bad government and poverty. Bad government makes poverty. Once you consider the possibility, examples spring to mind.

I've got a little list.

When does the bombing start?

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pilot said...

How much is half a trillion minus big [or small] corrupted government? ... and minus marasmic government? ... and both? Minus and minus give plus. So, in the end, it adds up.

It seems that billion to government plus billion to government does not equal people.

Blair is right, we should forget all the numbers and give it a fresh start. Fresh start to people or who?