Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Add purity of mind to LBJ's guns and butter . . .

[sarcasm alert]

It isn't entirely a matter of priorities.

We assuredly face many problems: the coming caliphate, illegal immigration, obesity, the 2nd amendment, homelessness, viral plagues, the IRS, hurricanes, deforestation, too many abortions, looters, too few abortions, politicians, a permanent underclass, the war on terror, North Korean bellicosity, Iranian religiosity, 17 year locusts and the French. But we are not so impoverished that we can only figure out what's important and try to knock down each problem one at a time, in order of importance. We are a great nation and we can afford to take on the top two or three problems at once.

Remember? LBJ said that we could have both guns and butter.

Well, now we can do a lot better than that. Nothing else will explain this.

[end alert]

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