Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We might be winning . . .

I encountered an idea I wish I could credit -- winning a war isn't a matter of how many dead bodies there are. A war is lost by the side that decides it can't continue fighting. That's why Viet Nam was a loss. For good or ill, we bugged out and left those of our allies who couldn't run away, to stay and take the punishment.

It's like there are three wars to win: the war of bodies and bullets, the war against the psyche of the enemy, and the war against the psyche of our permanent left -- who feel just grand about their role in the Viet Nam war, as they cared far more about being paid attention to than they ever did about peace, love and rock and roll.

I think it is pretty obvious we've been winning in the area of bodies and bullets. As to the psyche side of the war, well, Sunnis are starting to move towards participating in the Iraqi democracy. This is a big deal, I think. If Sunnis actually participate and if Shiites make room for them to do so, the Iraqi democracy stands a much better chance of succeeding.

That ought to get the Iranian mullahs and the American permanent leftists gibbering and chewing on their own beards and preaching extravagant but unimaginative threats.


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