Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Plame Journalist Sentenced, movie contract to follow . . .

One of the reporters holding out on the Plame matter has been sentenced to go to jail, today, for refusing to give up the source of leaked government information, as she was ordered to do. Her posture, of course, is that she is protecting the rights of journalists such as herself. She'll be the subject of a movie deal before the week is out. A regular 21st century Joan of Arc, at least in the confines of her own mind.

Notice that her lawyer points out that she didn't actually publish anything, so she didn't do anything wrong.

Hey, pal. That's a clue that this case isn't about the information; it's about disobeying a judge's lawful order. Or are you cynically playing the "It's-not-adultery-if-it's-oral; it's-not-lying-if-it's-about-sex" card?

I do, however, have one small, unlawyerly concern about the poor little journalist going to jail. Tell me again why it is that she has to go to jail, and Michael Jackson doesn't? The woman is a tool.

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