Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ominous Trend Department: Their mothers . . .

told them they were special, but the court says news reporters have to obey the same law as everybody else. While this ruling about the ability to not give up confidential sources of information is not actually anything new, the self-appointed watchdog of holy information is describing the decisions as an "ominous trend."

Well, boo f-ing h0o. It's a subpoena for heavens sake. It's a court order and judges, as some journalists might know, are either elected by the people or appointed by the President subject to the interference of the Senate, all of whom are likewise elected.

Where do journalists come from? I've never voted for one since I started voting in 1963. It isn't as if they are licensed, like every lawyer, nurse, chauffer, barber or in Oregon, food server. It isn't as if anybody gives them a certificate -- unless you want to count a goofy degree in journalism, which is where, one supposes, journalists incorrectly form the belief that they have a sanctified right to conceal the identity of the source of the information they report -- if there actually is some source outside the journalist's own sophomoric imagination. Or unless you want to count the numberless awards journalists give one another for being the most annoying, or having the best hair, or whatever it is they do in order to wear tuxedos and make after-dinner speeches.

Ominous trend my imperfect, aging behind.

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