Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Condemnation of Land and What Goes Around . . .

The Supremes have decided that local government can condemn land and give it to developers who will develop the land for an increased tax to the government.

Nothing to see here, folks. Go on back to your homes and families. It was just the Supreme Court doing their job.

Now, a mere few days after the decision it turns out that Justice Souter, who voted in favor of the condemnation for incresed tax revenue, may soon be homeless, if a real estate developer gets his way and causes the judge's property to be condemned.

Oh, please. Please let it be so. We really need this one. We need to know there is a cosmic sense of humor and proportion that strikes once in a while.


Secretus said...

finally someone esle writing about this! I hope everyone else is pissed off about the eminent domain thing too... I mean come on! Every American just lost some of their prioperty rights. WTF!

pilot said...

-Just thinking aloud-

There is an expectation of my and other folks' retirement, in xx years, somewhere whithin boundaries of "Sandy Paper" designated area.

On the bright side, I should become a developer, generate tax revenue, and the government, in return, will increase human well-being.

Problem is, I have nothing to develop other than my vegetable garden. And, I have not heard about altruists in the government.