Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Still not dead yet . . .

Busy. Taxes. I mean, T A X E S ! ! !

I know. Government needs the money. That's because politicians, most of whom are otherwise unemployable, need jobs and have to get re-elected to keep their jobs. So, they buy their jobs by supporting programs to buy votes.

With my money.

But I look on the bright side. There aren't that many years left before I can get social security. That's when I officially become a socialist. And I might even have to stop saying bad things about the A.A.R.P, as well. And I'm going to get a little change purse, and count out nickles and dimes to pay for things in the check out lane. Things are going to be just fine for us socialists as long as the worker bees keep buzzing around in the field.

Yea, worker bees.

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