Monday, April 11, 2005

Not dead yet . . .

Busy. Must hit golf balls. More accurately, must pound the earth with a golf club, at a spot very near to where a golf ball is unwittingly resting.

Also, whomping* up new set of class notes for bankruptcy class to start next term, to stick up on the site. Not to name names, but somebody sure outsmarted himself when he got the notion to break things up into many pages with lots of links instead of a few long pages. Got so many links that I now can see the back of my head without the use of a mirror and have to put one foot up on a chair to tie a necktie.

*to whomp, whomping, whomping up: Doing any job in a sloppy fashion based on insufficient or ineffective planning, all while assuring oneself that speed of completion trumps accuracy any day, and is a more manly quality besides.

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