Monday, March 07, 2005

I Think There Just Might Be a Message to the U.N. in here . . . . .

Oh, this is good! Our new ambassador to the United Nations is going to be Bolton, a diplomat who doesn't hesitate to criticise the United Nations administration for lack of effectiveness. Bluntly and repeatedly.

Like his boss, there seems to be nary a "nuance" in him. (That means he says what he means, not pleasant sounding murmurs that don't actually mean anything or expect anything from anybody.)

Of course, the Senate democrats will line up to criticise him at the confirmation hearing. I can predict their line -- "how can we have somebody representing us who is so abrasive and critical of diplomatic dithering, corruption, and betrayal of principle, when what we need is somebody who won't point out to the spineless ditherers that they are spineless ditherers, and won't blow the whistle on corruption. That's no way to get along, when we need our international (French) friends now, more than ever."

For myself, I'm going to entertain myself by forming images of Kofi, Kim, and Assad hearing the news with mouthfuls of their favorite beverages, doing classic Hollywood spit-takes.

Yeah, this is good. This is a whole lot more fun than thinking about Bono in the World Bank. It's starting to be fun to follow the news again.

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