Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Evil people don't think they are evil . . .

John Hinderaker has posted on the Democracy Alliance, consisting of about 100 very rich liberals working to coordinate the efforts of left wing organizations to promote a "radical agenda." A member who attended a conference in April left a copy of the Democracy Alliance papers for the conference behind. The papers are supposed to be closely held, not circulated. This outfit works very much behind the scenes.

Among other things, the over 100 pages of "handouts" identify the participating members of the group.

Hinderaker calls this a conspiracy, and it very likely meets that definition.

Of course, they think of themselves as planning; others would call the same behavior plotting.

It's a remarkable document and it brings to mind something somebody said to me forty years ago.

Evil people don't think that they are evil. Evil people have friends and their friends like them a lot.

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