Friday, June 13, 2014

IRS claims it cannot find Lerner's emails and so the IRS pet dog must have eaten them . . .

The Ways and Means Committee of the House reports that it has been informed that IRS cannot comply with its request for information -- information that IRS previously said would be provided -- that is, about two year's worth of Lerner emails (remember, Lerner claimed 5th Amendment privilege to avoid being compelled to testify on the grounds that it could have led to her conviction for a crime.)

The emails requested were those between Lerner and people other than IRS employees, and you may remember that it's already been revealed that some congresspersons, who are not after all employed by the IRS, had strongly suggested that the IRS closely scrutinize any 501C(4) applications from tea party groups and conservative organizations, and the IRS scrutinized and scrutinized, delaying the grant of status for over two years, thus keeping the organization requesting the status "out of business" for that time. Other such relationships between various government agents and the IRS are suspected and strongly indicated, and Lerner might not be the only person metaphorically standing in the shadow of jail bars.

The emails were lost! Poof! Just like that.

Somehow this puts me in mind of the Whitewater investigation of many, many years ago, when Hillary Clinton's attorney billing records from when she worked for the Rose Law Firm while her husband was governor -- just went missing.

Poof! Just like that.

Oddly enough, those self same billing records were, some years later and when the investigation was over, found. In the plate room of the White House.

Damn! Just like that.

How much do you want to bet that the National Security Agency, which has a copy of every email and cellphone call you and I have made, for just in case we might be an enemy of the state, cannot locate any copies of Lerner's IRS emails?

Speculate with me. The NSA copies of the IRS email records were probably erased when the NSA decided to purge its servers so as to protect the right to privacy that all us American citizens rightfully claim. Hand on its bureaucratic heart.

Or else the dog ate them.

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