Saturday, May 31, 2014

Set it to music and call it "VA Follies." . . .

So, now the administration has to find a new head of the Veteran Administration, now that the current leader has fallen on his own sword on publication of the incompetence -- and worse -- of health care for vets.

The main qualification of the next appointee? Why, nothing less than the willingness to be the designated scapegoat, later, should it again become politically necessary to protect the administration if and when the quality of care vets once again becomes an issue.

The incompetence of the VA is built in. Most of the employees are protected through collective bargaining and the "employer" has no real competitors to set a "market" price for provided services, and no motivation on the part of management to make a profit by controlling expense. Further, compensation bonuses for management are based on numbers.

Thus VA employees get paid if they report good numbers, whether true or not, and with little bad consequence if not.

We just have to kick the can down the road past the next election by arguing that the cure is in the works.

It's all politics based on the healthcare provided to vets.

Why would we expect anything else?

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