Sunday, November 03, 2013

XX and XY, again . . .

The situation: a married couple is considering buying a countertop home bread baking appliance.

The husband thinks to himself: I can't wait. I love fresh-baked French bread. Thinking about the aroma and the bright, white color and brown crust . . . and I could have it every day! It's just white bread that I love, but plain, fresh-baked and still warm, and melting butter. That's the best.

The wife thinks to herself: I can't wait. I will never have to eat plain white bread again. I can have pumpkin bread, and cumin bread, and garlic and olive flavored bread, and barley bread, and rye and parsley bread, and flaxseed and chickpea bread, and . . . . I promise that once I can bake automatically, I will never have plain white bread in my kitchen again.

The theory of evolution offers no explanation for this sort of thing.

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