Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Welcome Home

I just got back from staying a couple of days at a time share near Mt. Hood, right on a golf course. I didn't play -- too wet and windy to play for fun. Rain. You only do that sort of thing when you want to convince somebody of your manliness and I'm just not that interested in manly displays, which, after many long years, I've concluded are exhausting and frequently dangerous.

Anyhow, the location was splendidly quiet, and the only activity on the golf course the whole time I was there was four deer strolling along.

Now I'm back in Portland and it isn't quiet. I've got sirens, and trucks and diesels and blowers and big car thumpers, and a general low annoying hum. I think that's the sound of the universe, complaining. Also, it's raining.

Welcome home to me.

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