Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Things that happen when certain kinds of people are in charge . . .

Here's a list of over 700 companies and organizations that have applied for and received an exemption from Obamacare. They don't have to comply with the employer mandated health insurance laws, but of course -- their employees are not exempted.

Oregon has been advertising it's exchange to begin October 1, 2013. There is a grace period between then and the first of 2014 after which you must be insured. IRS will be on the case to assure you buy medical insurance for 2014, for in case your employer doesn't cover you. If you don't guy coverage, you'll pay a fine to IRS -- I mean, a tax on uninsured people. It's the same money, tax or fine. But the Supreme Court wants to call it a tax to make Obamacare all legal and stuff, and if they call it a tax, it probably would be unconstitutional.

What's it going to cost if you don't get employer provided coverage? What will you have to pay for a family plan? What happens if you lose a job, or get cut back on hours? What insurance companies are going to sell through state exchanges in each state? What is going to happen in states where the exchanges aren't set up yet, or aren't ever going to be set up? What happens if you have to move from one state to another, in search of a job?

Need help trying to figure out what to do?

Good luck.

This is so not ready for prime time.

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