Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Portland has an arts tax . . .

Portland, Oregon, has a permanent tax on everybody, for the arts.  Every resident of Portland over age 18, who has income, must pay $35.00.  Shut up and send the money in.

The revenue raised by the tax is going to be spent, half, to get more arts teachers in the schools.  the other half will be spent for "the arts".  I think that means for cronies, cuddle buddies and fellow travelers.

This tax was the result of a vote.  Voters approved it.  Wonder if the voters would be just as jazzed by the idea of a math tax, to hire more math teachers in the public schools, and the other half -- for math?  Hey, where are people most limited, in their ability to appreciate artistic expressions, or in their ability to understand and use basic number relationships?  What holds more people back in their prospects for a comfortable life, the inability to understand percentages or the inability to distinguish between crimson and scarlet?

How about this.  I'll pay the tax and they won't have any problem with me.  I like art and I can afford it.

But there is a whole 'nother issue.  If this law is later held to be a  head tax and therefore unconstitutional, as legally it ought to be, I'll expect my refund to be paid promptly without giving me any problems.  But deep down, I expect that that's 35 dollars I'll never see again. 

Because it truly isn't about the constitution or the arts; it's all about who gets to spend my money and what they choose to spend it on

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