Monday, October 15, 2012

Paper or plastic, revisited . . .

Once again, I enjoyed carrying a paper bag full of groceries through the rain, as the bag dissolved in my arms.  Once again I thought of our local Portland government masters who righteously decreed that plastic bags filled with groceries are hereby declared to be  unsustainable, unmoral, unattractive, unpatriotic, ungreen, unhygienic, and ungood and anti-social, and are therefore not to be tolerated in the land of Port.


There used to be a choice; the checkout people would say, "Paper or plastic?"

Progressive politicians just hate it when people can choose.

The other day, I was in a store when I heard, but did not see, a gentleman in the adjoining aisle loudly say, "Ah, Portland.  Land of the Lost!"  I don't have any idea what happened that made him speak those words, and I don't actually know what he meant by those words.

But I understand.

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