Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Mayans who predicted the end of the world in the year 2012 weren't as smart as all that, after all . . .

Some people I know are concerned that we are now in the year 2012, which is the year that the Mayans predicted would be the end of the world.  That's right.  The Mayans were much advanced over all other stone-age cultures, ever, and so naturally they could predict the end of the world with precise reliability.  (I wonder what ever happened to the Mayans, anyhow?  All they left us is some riddles, some stone carvings, and the Mayan calendar of doom.)  The Mayan prediction of the end has been corroborated; I've been given to understand that the end time, right around now, is likewise foreseen by other advanced thinkers unhampered by limitations of algebra or physics.  So, don't make too many long range plans but let your heart be light.  Think of it this way.  When the catastrophe comes and goes next December, right after the election, you could say, "People said if I voted for Obama again, the world would be totally destroyed, and I did, and it was." 

But seriously.  Some people are actually worried about the imminence of the end of the world.  They should be assured that there's something we can do about it.

Did you see where our president figured out a way to do what he pleases despite the fact that Congress doesn't want to do what he pleases, when it pleases him to do it?  (He's decided that running on his record might be a problem, so he's going to run against a "do-nothing" Congress.)

The President wants one of his fellow travelers (look it up) to be kind of a consumer czar, but since Congress shows signs of not wanting to appoint his choice, the President made a "recess appointment" (look that up too), while the Senate is still technically not in recess.  And then, and this is the really cool sweet spot,  there was a concern that Congress wouldn't fund this scheme out of resentment over not being consulted as has traditionally and legally been required, thinking that without money, it wouldn't work.  But Obama came up with a sweet work-around.  Just have the Federal Reserve print more dollars to fund this dealio.  Money is just words on paper, anyway, so why not just print what you want.  It isn't as if there is a budget to bust, 'cause a do-nothing Congress hasn't got around to passing a budget for the last several years. 

So.  Let's use the same clever thinking to avoid the whole end of the world inconvenience.  Let's just scrap the calendar.  It doesn't have to be the the year 2012.  We can just come up with a new beginning date.  I say, let Congress pass a bill identifying the current year as year 1, O.E.  (Obama Era). 

Problem solved with a minimum of fuss and we can all get on with our lives without fearing the loss of anything other than our Constitutional liberties.  It's not the year 2012, anymore, and the Mayans, if there are any left, are just going to have to get over themselves.

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