Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mid-term elections, gah! . . .

I'm so-o-o-o glad the election is over. I'm so tired of hearing the haters on the left accusing the right of being negative. I'm really sick of the moral posturing on the right. All the politicians are all spending other people's money, campaign contributions, in an effort to get or keep a job -- where they will collect other people's money, taxes, and spend other people's money. Mooches, every one.

But there are some great questions that were raised in this election. What is the function of government? Is it even possible, using the tools of government, to create jobs, or tolerance, or virtue, or security?

I'm afraid that this election simply highlighted these questions, bringing them into intensely sharp relief. The questions raised in this election weren't answered by this election, even though the ideals espoused by the radical left Democratic National Committee took a "shellacking," according to President Obama. The questions abide. We see that too many of us still don't have jobs, or won't have jobs, and too many have jobs that should not be done. Mooches. Too many are intolerant, while preaching tolerance for their own conditions. Virtue is a joke, something to be mocked in computer video clips, and we are targets of politico-religious fanatics.

We'll not be able to go forward as a nation without finding resolutions to the great questions raised by this election.

The 2012 election season starts beginning now.

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