Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Bye Bye to Google.

Have we all noticed how Google likes to add little artistic changes to the Google logo to commemorate various days of note on the calendar? Just a cute little acknowledgement, a snowman, or something. They even commemorated something as pedestrian as Sherlock Holmes. So, what did Google do for Memorial Day?

Not a damn thing.

Hey, it wouldn't take much and the those sorry sacks at Google wouldn't even have to be sincere. They could just make some little gesture to acknowledge that today is the day set aside on the calendar to remember that many Americans have died in service to their country. Betcha they remembered to stay home from work today.

So, as of today I'm going to disengage from Google. There are other search engines. I can start using my other e-mail addresses other than Gmail. I can take my blog elsewhere.

This isn't about politics. This is about arrogance, and a flat, self-important inability to consider all those Americans who knew, or were related to, or were friends with, or loved somebody who died in their country's uniform -- those Americans who may take comfort in the thought that perhaps for a few moments this day, other Americans will remember and honor their dead.

So --Screwgle.

And I only wish I advertised, or paid for services or owned stock with Google, so I could register my disapproval a mite more effectively.

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