Sunday, March 12, 2006

Getting away with the crime . . .

The prosecutor says that the death of Milosevic in his jail cell is a defeat for the United Nations war crimes tribunal.

So they are going to call for an autopsy to show that Milosevic was or was not poisoned. His supporters would surely think he was poisoned. Right? Because when you want to terminate somebody, you have to lock him in a cell and put him on trial for years and years, and then poison him after four years of trial. You surely couldn't just go ahead and do it, right at the very beginning, when it might mean something. That wouldn't be the United Nations way.

I figure the United Nations war crimes tribunal was screwed up as soon as the trial went into the third month. A trial shouldn't have to last for years. If it does, probably the judge, the prosecutor and defense attorney are all dealing with something other than the guilt of the defendant. They are turning a trial into a career. Self-important clowns.

The same mistake is being made with Saddam and it's too late at this point to do anything about it, now that he figures he can game the system and make speeches. What should have been done right after the taking the photographs of him, dirty and mortified and having his teeth examined, was to hand him a pistol with one cartridge and lock him in a room to himself to consider his options and reflect upon his prospects.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm wrong, but M. didn't have a defence attorney at the tribunal. I remember that he had declined having assingned counsel in the beginning.

It might be expected that the truth about the whole thing won't be heard for a very long time.