Thursday, January 12, 2006

Arch-Liberals nipping at the judge & hifees wife . . .

Some of the archest of arch-liberals are commenting on the Supreme Court Judge nominee's wife running out of the Senate in tears in reaction to the bullying treatment her husband was receiving -- so much so that one of bully buddies felt a pang of decency and apologized. So, is the issue the smear in the Senate? Oh, no. It's the wife. Read these comments, (Thanks, rightwingnews, for reading the leftish stuff for us.) and it doesn't matter which side of the middle line of politics you swing towards. To most of us, these comments just don't sound like they're coming from sane people.

And not very bright either. What could the consequences be? I bet that when Alito is confirmed, and he is likely to be confirmed, he spends the next twenty-five years or so being excessively unsympathetic towards the favored notions of the unhinged left. He could even go out of his way to stomp on leftist ideals at every opportunity. (Hey, take a shot at me, well, I can take it. We'll work it out. But make my wife or kids feel bad? Now you must die.) I suspect that as a Supreme Court judge he will have a chance or two to retaliate.

As is now becoming ever more predicably regular, Judge Alioto is about to be repackaged as another one of the permanent evil icons of the loony left. But in so doing, the leftists are driving those who are moderately left into the arms of the Republicans, leaving a small core of white hot loonies in charge of what's left of the party. It's no wonder that the Republican party of today is looking a whole lot like the Democratic party of the forties, fifties and early sixties. It is now increasingly populated with people who think that way. If the Republican party used to the the minority and now it's the majority, well, where does the Democratic leadership think all those new Republicans came from. Did the stork bring them?

And it's kind of fun to think that President Jack Kennedy and his brother Bobby would probably have been a whole lot more comfortable with the current Republican government than that of the current Democratic party. And that it's their baby brother, Teddy, who feels no shame or responsibility for the decay of the party, but who should.

And by the way, whose bright idea was it to put Teddy Kennedy (muffled cough, "Kopechne!") on the judiciary committee in the first place?

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