Monday, October 03, 2005

The U.N. wants us to give them the Internet . . .

The U.N. wants us to give them control of the Internet, on the grounds that it is a global resource, and therefore they should control it, seeing as how they are now, in their own minds, a global government. In that regard, I seem to recall being taught, back when the U.N. was thought to be nice and shiny and high minded, that the U.N. was to be a place where honorable nations could go to settle differences between them in a peaceable manner. Of course, that was what they were saying during the "police action" in Korea, too. Those weasels have always thought of themselves as a government. Mind you, when I speak of government, I am alluding to an organization that has and will not hesitate to use force to compel compliance with its decisions. And where should the U.N.'s force come from? Why it's simple. We should just give them control of our military. The U.N. will give them blue hats to wear so it will be okay putting our military citizens under Kofi's control.

It's happened before.

But back to the Internet. It was after all originally a U.S. Defense project with a strategic mission to increase U.S. security. It isn't as if it was originally intended to be a "global resource." It still isn't a just another resource. But it is definitely something the U.N. minions would like to get their sticky fingers on, so the U.N. could dole out access to its friends, as in the scandalous Oil for Food program benefitting Kofi and Jacques.

If the Internet isn't a resource, what is it? Well, among other things, it is a means of production. And there is a system of thought that says that the means of production should be "owned" by the people and administered by gummint overseers who appropriate assets as agents of the people. I refer, of course, to socialism.

Well, let me see now. There are some nations that don't want their citizens to have unlimited access to the web. And guess what. They aren't capitalist countries. And what are the chances that, if given control, after they've restricted access to the web for their own citizens, they would genially permit us to go on as we have been?

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