Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina, bringing us together . . .

For about the last fifteen or twenty years, there has been a lot of divisive, stupid talk coming from the loony left and Move-On types, the pinch-faced right, the socialists, the tax-and-spend liberals, hell, tax- and-spend Republicans, environmentalists, social workers, self-improvement nuts, modern Luddites, rap "artists", evangelicals, vegetarians, news anchors, professional ath-a-letes, animal activists, green weenies, country-clubbers, people of various tints and shades, gang-bangers, university professors, stand-up comedians, bloggers, and celebrity good-looking morons of several different genders only a few of which have been determined, plus people so hateful no group will have them.

But it's okay.

We will work together no matter what over Katrina '05. Sure, it will take a few years to get things moving again. But it isn't as if we will have to stay all together, forever.

I'll let you know when its okay to go back to normal. Watch for my signal. When I pat my head and rub my tummy, y'all can start blaming one another for everything again.

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pilote said...

Just can't wait to start.

Louisiana's lowland is a second useless gift we received from France.

Some people may say, "Oh, there's the third one--revolution."

Our hearts and minds are with the survivors.