Monday, August 08, 2005

Clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right . . .

I have an idea why the Islamists hate us; they are taught to hate us by their religious teachers. But why do our own liberals and leftists hate us? Because it looks as if they truly do.

Instapundit has pointed us to an interesting theory on an interesting blog. Fascists on the left and fascists on the right naturally support one another because each supplies a behavioral quality that the other has in short supply. In other words, there's a psychological explanation for their mutual support.

Makes me feel kind of slow witted, as I just thought of them as either the stupid, hateful leftists or the uncivilized, hateful murderers, and I thought the psychology of the whole thing was not all that important. Whether we understand the psychology or not, we are under attack and must either fight back and win, or capitulate. Capitulation means eventually being absorbed into the caliphate as dhimmi. That's where the Islamists intend to take us and that's where the leftists, by undercutting efforts to fight back, will take us.

But a thought intrudes. The West is very, very powerful and only is weakened by its own choices of cultural restraints. Those restraints can be cast off easily; we've done it before (Dresden, Hiroshima). Notice that our British cousins are beginning to think a little differently about their own unassimilated Muslim jihadists, now that they've seen some terrorism first hand. (Fit in or f--- off. Thanks Kim Du Toit.) What happens, if, or perhaps when, there is another significant terrorist strike here in the U.S.? If, or perhaps when, we were to cast off our restraints, isn't it just possible that we would deal harshly with those who live here and advocate murderous jihad, even if they don't actively participate? And isn't it just possible that we would likewise deal more harshly with the murderous jihadists' U.S. apologists -- the academic, media, and casual leftists? (I hope and if I were the praying type I would pray, that all of the kind and respectable Muslims I've met, and those I haven't met, will be kept safe and distinct from the jihadists, if the U.S. gets serious about this fight.)

And well, shucks, lookie what we have here. If we think about punishing our leftists for doing the things they are doing, maybe we should consider that they are intentionally doing what they are doing mostly in order to be punished. In other words, maybe their motivations and rhetoric are masochistic, at that. And in even other, other words, maybe the psychological approach found at Neo-Neocon, the site that Instapundit found for us, is right.

Okay, boys and girls. The conclusion is inescapable. If, indeed, our leftists are masochists, then you should smack one every chance you get. Start now. They'll thank you for it.

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