Sunday, July 31, 2005

Snickers . . .

Have you seen the current Snickers commercial on television? There's a bunch of pitiful-looking outdoorsmen lurking in the woods. When a deer wanders into a clearing, they all throw Snickers bars at it. It walks off and the candy guys look constipated. Then a green weenie type walks into the scene and picks up a candy bar to eat it. Snickers are only good for eating.

Here's the problem.

Of all the people working for the advertising agency to develop the ad, and of all the people in the production department making the ad, and of all the sales people working for the ad agency, and of all the people working for the Snickers company who will approve and pay for all the television time in which to run the ad, there apparently was not one damn one of them who said, "No. No Way. This idea is stupid."

Not one.

It's probably statistically impossible for each and every one of them to be dumb. The ones who aren't either have M.B.A.s or are they have been ordered to avoid negative thinking and plan to quit as soon as they find a new job.

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