Saturday, July 23, 2005

Protecting CIA, people, but not the way you think. . .

Why are we all supposed to be excited about the Valerie Plame affair? She wasn't covert at the time and her actual name apparently was not mentioned. But the press is all in high dudgeon and CIA types are crawling up into the sunlight of press attention to condemn the "outing" of a CIA agent.

I think the opinion here probably explains a lot. It's worth a read.

Maybe Rove needs to be fired; maybe not. But certainly the CIA needs to be pruned of careerists who don't produce anything except entries on their personnel files. And clowns.

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mindinghope said...

gee, i thought you were a young kid without any sense. turns out you're 63, probably bitter, not having gotten your way with the woman/or man of your choice--or if you're with "a" woman/man, s/he's not what you want her to be--and a "law teacher" in pdx!

i never, never would have supposed.