Saturday, July 02, 2005

Journalistic privilege, once more with feeling . . .

The reporters who disobeyed a court order to divulge their sources, now that all of their appeals are gone and they've impressed all the simple minded with their bravery and dedication to noble journalistic ambitions (*cough*stupid!*cough*) still haven't figured it out. It's over and the law -- which was clear to all but those afflicted with blinding journalistic hubris -- has been affirmed. They have to give the information up if a judge tells them to.

Now their employer, which was itself facing an increasingly large fine for not giving up the information, finally gave up the information when the case reached the end of the road. So, our plucky journalists say, why, there's no need to send them to jail after all, as the court now has all the information. Or, if the judge just has to do something (dramatic sigh with eyes turned heavenward) home incarceration where the jounalist would not go out in public much should be good enough to satisfy all but the most unreasonable of judges.

Dolts. It has never been entirely about the information. The jail sentence for contempt is not only about getting information. This case is about willful defiance of the law. And yet, this pair still thinks they are above the law, having been annointed or at least self-appointed, as investigative journalists.

You know what it's like? It's like, "Daddy, how could you? All the cool kids are getting tattoos so why do I have to be grounded just because I got a little 'Che Lives!' tattoo that hardly anyone will ever see, on my left breast? I know you told me don't do it over and over, but this is so unfair! I'll miss my friends at the mall."

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