Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Here's a marijuana fun fact . . .

The Supreme Court of the United States has just decided that the federal government can pretty well do whatever it wants to do, when it comes to regulating marijuana. Who knew?

Once government set itself up in the business of licensing professions, well, government became a full party in the relationship between the provider and the consumer of services. And once it is decided that government, state, federal or local, can interject itself into the doctor/patient relationship, all sorts of mischief is available.

Difference is, of course, that doctors are responsible for the mischief they do, whereas government is not. That is, government can do whatever it wants to do, so it could be responsible if it wants to be. Or not.

Oh, I know what many are thinking. But if we back government out of all the intrusions into our daily lives, then who, oh who, can protect us from the evil that evil men will do to us, for we are weak and foolish and unable to decide things for ourselves?

The Supreme Court says that government has the power to do the job, and reserves for another day the implicit but obvious question about what if government uses the power stupidly in service of stupid notions.

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