Monday, June 13, 2005

Finally over . . .

The jury of his peers (WTF!!!) has found that Michael Jackson is not guilty of the charges for which he was tried.

I think this probably means that any parents will have to think twice about flaunting their tender young boys in front of Michael, with a view towards a ginormous cash settlement. Michael isn't paying anymore so you might as well keep your kids at home.

Any possibility of suing in tort for a reduced standard of proof, instead of criminal prosecution beyond a reasonable doubt, is probably done for. Where could you find a jury, now, that consisted of people with no opinion about Michael?

But it also means that Michael is still every bit as peculiar as he looks. It's just that the state wasn't able to meet the burden of proof required for a criminal case.

I suspect that his career as a performing musician/dancer is over, and in a way, that's too bad. Nevertheless, I think Michael better explore other activities besides performing.

Ooooh. I just had a mental image of MJ playing golf, and I shivered.

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