Saturday, May 28, 2005

Not even one cent . . . .

So, exactly how long did the wonderful compromise over the minority using a phony filibuster last? You know. The compromise where a portion of the majority decided to sign onto the the minority team so as to prevent the majority from acting anything like a majority or like leaders? What, like a day or two?

We have one major party which can't be trusted to do what it says or even remember what it said, and the other major party walking around with their hands to their foreheads flashing the loser signs and grinning just as if they knew what it meant.

You would have to be not right bright to give one cent in contribution to either party. Neither of them deserve any support whatsoever.

And then there's John McCain, a member of the "Hey, Look at Me" party. Smile pretty, John. The press loves ya.

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