Sunday, May 01, 2005

Commitment . . .

We've had about 100 year's worth of attempted implementation of Marxist nonsense at various places in the world, and either socialism never amounted to much or it amounted to lots of repression in an attempt to make the unworkable work. Historically and up to the present, implementation of various brands and flavors of socialism has been the cause of lots of deaths in many regimes.

It's like this. When you are pounding on a canary with a ball pein hammer to make it sing, and it doesn't sing, don't try harder with the hammer. The problem isn't your lack of commitment to the process.

On the other hand, democracy and capitalism tend to work a whole lot better. Not perfect. Just lots better.

But do socialists quit? Not a chance. They are in love with the socialist ideal (and the money and power for the top socialist is pretty good, too.) They are committed to the process. They are so committed to the process that they must enlist others in support --with or without their consent. Why, they're committed to plotting mischief in the southern hemisphere right now.

Of course, our esteemed press corps evidently finds the socialism in the southern hemisphere yet another excellent reason for their commitment to detailed coverage of Michael Jackson's trial.

Thanks for keeping us informed, guys.

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