Sunday, March 20, 2005

War is not the answer . . .

For all my lefty friends and relatives, hey, take a look at this blog. I figure this guy is probably in a better position to express an opinion about the last two years of combat than almost anybody you see reading the news on the tube, or writing for most of the newspapers and newsmagazines. (Horsefeathers gets a tip.)

Yeah, I know, war is not the answer. I read that on bumper stickers all the time. And we all know that bumper stickers are the source of all wisdom, all condensed and packaged for easy comprehension by even the simple-minded.

Oh, waitaminit. I forgot. It's all about the oil! ($2.18 a gallon, regular unleaded.)

Make that phrase, "easy comprehension by the especially simple-minded."

Update: And in that connection, take a look at what Hanson says.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to Husayn's blog. It reminds us how expensive democracy can be, yet how willing the oppressed are to pay. Freedom is never cheap, and would be worthless if it were. Sue F.

pilot said...

And yes, civilized life is complex, military-industrial. [noun placed intentionally]