Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sometimes, love isn't all you need. . . .

Two people who live in Connecticut drive into Massachusetts to get married. They don't live or work in Massachusetts; they just want to get married in Massachusetts.

Most states usually want to marry pretty much their own citizens and aren't generally about trying to get others to come there just to get married. There even used to be residency requirements. (Back in the olden days, Reno, Nevada, used to offer a several week residency period to claim residency status to get a divorce, when many other states wanted you to live in the state for six months or so before you could get a divorce. So, Reno got to be known as the quickie divorce capitol of the nation. I'm told.)

Anyhow, these two people want to get married in Massachusetts. It probably had something to do with Massachusetts starting to allow same sex marriages. So, now that they are married, they decide that the weekend wasn't all that great after all, so they apply to Connecticut to annul their marriage.

Connecticutt says, no. Why? Because the marriage didn't count in the first place, so there is nothing to annul.

I have two questions. First, are they still married in Massachusetts? And second, do they get to keep the wedding gifts?

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