Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Next Secretary General . . .

I notice that Austin Bay is taking nominations for somebody to take over for Kofi in the United Nations. What do I think? First, except for that Austrian ex-Nazi, they seem to pick an undistinguished person most people never heard of. Second, while I'm certainly sufficiently undistinguished, I just can't accept the job myself because I don't think they play golf at the U.N. and I think I have to teach that week.


I said years ago, before Bill Clinton's second term, that we ought to do the exact same thing the voters in Arkansas did. Get rid of him by kicking his butt upstairs, this time, to New Yawk City and the United Nations. But no, nobody would listen to me. So we all had to spend his entire second term choosing sides and insulting one another over his messing around with Monica. For whatever good it did anybody.

Yeah, I know. It wasn't about the b.j. in the oval office; it was about the lying under oath. C'mon, we all knew about his proclivities and failings before his first election, and people voted him into office anyway.

Anyway, I was just joking at the time about getting rid of him by kicking him upstairs. But now that I come to think of it, it just might be an inspired choice.

If it were Slick heading the U.N., that would pretty much ice the possibility that President Hillary would want to internationalize the U.S. and hand over any U.S. sovereignty to the U.N., wouldn't it? I think Hillary's strategy is and has been for a long time to give her husband nothing. Not even a divorce. (That's probably why Monica got in there in the first place.)

So. How can we get Clinton into the U.N.?

Easy. But we all have to work together. Everybody start talking it up and spreading the word on the internet and in letters to the editors that if Bill Clinton isn't in charge of the U.N. by the time of the next election, we all will simply have no choice but to vote for Condi. But if Clinton is in charge of the U. N. . . (pause meaningfully.)

That should should do it.

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