Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Jumping off buildings . . . .

For thrills, teenagers are reported to be jumping from one building to another -- six stories up. One didn't make it and fell. What to do? Why, sue the building owners for failure to anticipate that people would jump off a perfectly good building to the adjoining building, and failing to erect a fence to prevent such leaps.

Hey, if you jump off a building that isn't on fire or anything, just for the thrill of it, well, I think evolution should be permitted to take its course. But that's just me. The law doesn't consider the beauties of evolutionary processes. Just foreseeable risk of harm. And imaginary duties.

Well, okay then. It's foreseeable that maybe some day somebody might toss somebody else out a window. It's happened before. I guess we need to block all windows.

But it's also foreseeable that maybe someday somebody might want to exit a building rapidly so as to escape fire. That fence up there on the sixth floor to block recreational leapers will be a death trap. Somebody will have to be sued. Again.

I guess the only caring thing to do is to eliminate all tall buildings altogether because there are foreseeable risks involved. Yeah, that will do it. And make the sidewalks around the low buildings out of nerf, like the footballs. And post signs, like, "Don't jump off buildings," which, in my mind, is always good advice. And while it probably isn't needed by most of us, it's good to publish a reminder from time to time. Just in case.

Don't jump off buildings.

And you have a nice day.

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