Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Beats flipping burgers . . .

Instapundit provided this link which can confirm my suspicions. Protesting can be a job! It doesn't always represent a heartfelt concern for issues of the day rising out of the grassroots. Imagine that.

So on reflection, I think I owe some of those folks an apology. Here I thought protesters were protesting just to get a little something from all those loose lefty chicks. But they were in fact engaged in a noble quest for a W-2.

I applaud that. I applaud that so much that I call upon all right leaning political types to come together and vote for more stuff to give the protesters things to protest about. Like maybe drilling for oil in Alaska (oops.) 'Cause our protesters are coming up a little dry of late. Not too long ago they had to protest the draft when we don't even have a draft, so then they had to protest not having a draft. This just illustrates what a poverty of material protesters have to work with, currently.

So come on, all you legislators. Let's have a bill to install at least one working atomic powerplant in every state. That will give the protesters something to talk about. And when the protesting starts and the national debate on atomic energy begins, I bet just talking about it will drive the international price of oil way down.

Lets' get together on this and give our noble protesters something more to protest about.

We're all in this together and we all need to work together.

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